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Legal Assistance for Oil Explosion and Oil Spill victims who have been harmed physically, Sustained Significant Property Damage, and Economic Loss due to the Gulf Coast Oil Platform Explosion and Oil Leak (Oil Spill / Oil Slick).

The Gulf Coast Oil Platform Explosion and ensuing Oil Spill have already been called one of the largest environmental incidents involving an oil spill. The direct impact of the oil spill has already caused significant damage to the economy of the Gulf Coast area.

Owned by Transocean and leased to British Petroleum (BP), the Oil Platform exploded and sank into the Gulf of Mexico, Killing 11, injuring 17 others, and required the emergency evacuation of 115 other workers.

With the estimated 25,000 barrels (1,050,000 Gallons) of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico each day, it is expected to cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to business owners, commercial property owners, residential homeowners, and potential health risks to the public.

Three main commercial entities have been singled out as having potential liability for  the Gulf Coast Oil Rig Explosion and Oil Spill, estimated to exceed hundreds of millions of dollars in damages in the Gulf Coast Region, and potentially the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

BP - British Petroleum: Owns the Oil Well, through it's lease from Transocean. Read More >>>

Transocean: Owner of the Oil Rig, leasing Oil Well to BP - British petroleum. Read More >>>

Halliburton: Subcontractor in charge of sealing the bottom of the Oil Well. Read More >>>

While all three companies are aggressively pointing the finger at each other, make no mistake about it... Liability will be assessed.

Initial reports suggest all three of these companies may have played a role in the events which caused the Gulf Coast Oil Rig Explosion and/or Oil Well Rupture, spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day.

If you have been affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Rig Explosion or Oil Well Spill by:

  • Health Issues, Personal Injury, or Wrongful Death;

  • Business, Commercial, or Residential Property Damage; or by

  • Direct Economic Loss.

Make sure your legal rights are aggressively protected, and make sure you are provided the best opportunity to be fairly compensated. If you want to know if you have a potential claim in a BP Oil Spill Lawsuit, Transocean Oil Spill Lawsuit, Halliburton Oil Spill Lawsuit, or a Class Action Oil Spill Lawsuit, we are ready to take your call.

Contact Cohen Battisti today at Toll Free (877) 440-4878, or by email to be informed of your legal rights and options regarding your ability to seek compensation.

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